Zebra Limo Parkour Adventure

Zebra Limo Parkour Adventure to Celebrate a Children’s Book Release

At Portland.Limo, we get a lot of fun requests from people who want to do something special. Well, this last week we were contacted with a special reservation request for a Zebra limo parkour adventure to celebrate a new children’s book release by taking a group of children to an outdoor parkour training camp, but that’s not all.

Whoopee Cushion Limo Ride

Reserving the Zebra limo for group events is nothing new, but they asked us to put a bunch of whoopee cushions inside in celebration of the new funny children’s book, Artie McFartison – The Artisan of Farts, from Brown Badger Publishing in Portland, Oregon.

Best Book Reading Ever

It was hilarious, and the kids LOVED it! Reading a funny educational book for children in a Zebra limo full of kids playing with whoopee cushions on the way to Parkour was awesome.

Afterwards, the author told us that “it helps build confidence in yourself, even the stinky parts..” and we think that’s a good thing.

Zebra Limo Parkour Adventure

The outdoor Parkour training camp at D31 Foundation was a blast. When you arrive at D31 Foundation, you drive down a gravel road that opens into a massive Parkour training area area with plenty of parking.

We snapped this photo of the Zebra limo at D31 Foundation as we were leaving so you could get a better idea of how big their Parkour camp is, because it’s massive. There’s tons of room for the kids to play.

Learn to Move

The team at D31 Foundation is awesome, and the coaches are really good with kids. It was great to see the children having such a fun time learning how to move over obstacles.

The best part for me though, was the next day, when my son used the very same jumping technique he learned at D31. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

More Info

Contact us at 503-643-6404 if you’d like to book a Zebra limo parkour adventure, or use the links below for more info about the book and D31.

Check out the book here: BrownBadgerPublishing.com

Visit D31 Foundation here: D31BeBold.com

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to contact us to let us know how we can make your next event adventure or event amazing! Thanks again.

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